In 2002, Financial Link Sdn. Bhd. was entrusted by DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, a wellknown mobile   telecommunications service provider, to provide an Online Reload Program enabling its customers to  reload their prepaid mobile phone credit online. The project was successfully launched in 2003. Among the products and services available for the telecommunications industry are:


Payment Gateway

Financial Link Sdn. Bhd.’s Payment Gateway allows telecommunication companies to accept payment by credit card via Internet and SMS. Financial Link’s payment gateway support following payment modes:
i) Direct Debit (Internet Banking);
ii) Credit Card.

Prepaid Reload System

i) Enables mobile phone users to reload their prepaid via SMS, SIM Tool Kit (STK), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and Customer Service Center
ii) Enables prepaid users to automatic (Auto) or As-and-When top-up
their prepaid mobile phones.

Mobile Credit Card Terminal (POS) System

Financial Link Sdn. Bhd. has recently developed a system that enables a Java enable handphone to act as a ‘mobile terminal’ for credit card payments. Among the benefits of this system are:
i) Reduce banks/companies from the cost of traditional credit card terminals.
ii) Easy, Convenient and Secure solution for the merchants
iii) Minimal startup and maintenance costs
iv) Data transmission using SSL 128 bits

Prepaid Registration System

A system that allows customer service centres, distributors and dealers to register its customers online and activate Prepaid Accounts

Mobile Number Management and Selection

An application that allows customers; upon the purchase of a prepaid SIM pack; to choose preferred mobile number and have the line activated upon confirmation. This application also has the capability to help Telco in managing their mobile numbers (Mobile Number Management) from categorization, allocation, activation to recycling by automating and tracking entire mobile numbers life cycle.

MNP - Mobile Number Portability

MNP system is a centralized system to coordinate and automate porting functions through multiple delivery channels. It allows Telco to recruit new subscribers to the Network while enabling them to keep their existing mobile no (MSISDN) by porting the MSISDN via a Central Clearing House (CCH). The systems communicate, manage and coordinate all activities pertaining to Porting Numbers (both In Bound & Out Bound).

Mobile Application for IOS and Android

Customized mobile application for business and consumer – additional channel for web-based application (online stores, online registration, account credit reload etc)